Keeping Your Home Cool during the Sweltering, Summer Months

  • 2 Possible Causes Of Freezing AC Coils

    29 March 2022

    Have you noticed visible ice around your ac coils? Or, does your house feel hotter than usual, even when your AC is running? These are often tell-tale signs of frozen AC coils. AC coils are responsible for the refrigerant evaporation process that facilitates the cooling of your indoor space. If the coils are frozen, you might have to contend with a hot and humid home. Read on to understand possible causes of frozen AC coils.

  • 3 Things That Can Keep Your Electric Furnace From Warming Up Your House

    14 February 2022

    There are few things worse than being cold and miserable in your house because your furnace isn't working right. It's bad enough to contend with freezing weather outdoors, so you want your home to be a warm refuge. If your home is getting cold, call a furnace repair company for help. Here are three things that might cause your electric furnace to blow out air that isn't warm enough to cool your house.

  • What Can Go Wrong When You Don't Maintain Your Furnace?

    14 February 2022

    Furnace maintenance is more than just another chore that you need to check off your to-do list. Scheduling a maintenance visit for your home's heating system serves three critical functions: Maintaining efficiency Preventing costly repairs Ensuring safe operation Like most other maintenance tasks, deferring your annual check-up won't cause any immediate problems. If you're lucky, you may not experience any adverse effects for many years. However, the long-term consequences can be severe.

  • Why You Should Hire Someone To Clean Your Air Conditioning Unit

    17 January 2022

    Once per year, on average, it's a good idea to call an HVAC maintenance technician so they can clean your unit and perform other maintenances that might need to be done. It might not seem necessary to clean your air conditioning unit, or you might think it's something you can do yourself. However, hiring someone for the job is usually better, as you'll learn below. Your Air Conditioner Might Be Dirtier Than You Think

  • Boiler Getting Older? 2 Problems It May Have Soon

    15 December 2021

    If you have a boiler and it is getting older, you need to know about some problems it may have soon. This will allow you to get the boiler repaired faster, which may result in you saving a lot of money. Below is some information about two of these problems so you will know to contact a boiler repair company to have it repaired. Boiler Is Leaking If you see that your boiler is leaking, this is generally caused by a bad pump seal or pressure valve.

  • Questions To Ask Yourself Before Upgrading An AC

    18 November 2021

    Last summer, you started to have doubts about your AC unit. It didn't seem to keep your home adequately cold and it might have made a very loud sound while in operation. While you might be able to repair your AC unit, it might also be time to get an upgrade. There are several questions you should ask yourself. How Old is Your AC? If you have had your AC for a very long time, there might be no reason to keep it for much longer.

  • Considering High-Efficiency, Multiple Stage, or Variable-Speed Blower Furnace Options

    21 October 2021

    Consumers are spoiled for choice when it comes to furnace installation. Modern furnaces offer numerous advanced features and technology that help them utilize their fuel far more efficiently than older units. The flip side to having so much choice is that choosing a furnace can be confusing, especially with so many potentially unfamiliar terms involved. If you're looking at high-efficiency units, you've probably noticed AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) ratings, along with features such as 2-stage burners and variable-speed blowers.