Keeping Your Home Cool during the Sweltering, Summer Months

HVAC Services and DIY Maintenance That Keep Your HVAC Working Through All Seasons

by Anthony Graves

Your HVAC needs to be serviced before summer sets in and before the weather turns cold in the winter. It also needs ongoing service from you all year, including simple things like changing the filter. For more complex maintenance, you'll need to bring in an HVAC technician. Plus, having service from a professional could be a condition of your warranty.

Here are some HVAC services you'll need during different seasons of the year and maintenance you can do yourself.


In late spring or early summer, depending on when the weather gets warm in your area, you'll need an HVAC service to get your air conditioner ready for summer. This involves working on the air handler and condenser. The technician has to clean and check parts in the condenser, check refrigerant levels, and check and clean the condenser coil and fins.

They'll also check the evaporator coil indoors and clean the condensation drain tube to make sure it isn't clogged. The maintenance technician will also check the blower and clean it if it's coated in dust. They might also check the thermostat and ducts to make sure they're in good shape.


During the summer, you'll be responsible for checking the filter and changing it on the schedule recommended by your HVAC manufacturer. You'll also want to ensure the condenser outdoors has adequate airflow. You might need to keep weeds trimmed away and make sure nothing is placed on the condenser to block air.


Autumn is a good time to get a furnace tune-up before the nights start getting chilly enough to run your furnace. The HVAC service might clean the blower in the air handler again since it runs every season when your HVAC is on. The technician also wants to check the combustion area of your furnace, clean it, and check for bad parts. This ensures your furnace is safe to operate and works properly.

The technician may also check the flue to make sure it's clean and not blocked. They might also need to check the condensation system if you have a high-efficiency furnace that creates condensation.


It's important to keep up with changing the furnace filter all winter since a clogged filter can restrict airflow and cause your furnace to malfunction. You'll also want to keep your furnace clean to keep down on dust. It's also good to watch for things that might restrict airflow, such as blocked registers. Maintaining proper airflow is essential for keeping your furnace operating optimally, so try to keep the registers open and clutter away from your furnace.