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Signs Your Residential Air Conditioner Compressor Is Going Bad

by Anthony Graves

A compressor is an important part of your residential AC system. The compressor helps compress and move the refrigerant in your air conditioning system, which ultimately helps cool the air that is blown into your home. Unfortunately, a compressor can die before your air conditioning unit does, and when this happens, it will need to be replaced. Fortunately, the unit will typically give you many signs that the compressor is approaching the end of its life. This lets you get the compressor replaced before it dies, leaving you with no cool air. Here are a few of the signs that your residential air conditioning compressor is going bad. 

Your Air Conditioning Unit Is Rattling or Popping When It Operates

One of the signs that your air conditioning unit may give you if the air compressor is going bad is strange sounds. The most common sounds that people hear are rattling or popping noises when their air conditioning unit is operating. Any noises are a hint that something is amiss with your air conditioning unit. If you suspect it is the compressor, stand outside next to the unit when it kicks on. If you see the unit shake and hear rattling or popping, you are experiencing a compressor problem. 

Your Home Is Not Getting as Cool as It Used To

Another sign that your residential air conditioner compressor is going bad is a home that is not getting as cool as it once did. The compressor may be struggling to move refrigerant, which can diminish the amount of cold air that is blown into your home. Your home may not feel as cool as it once did or the unit may take longer to cool your home. 

You Notice Puddles of Fluid Around the Air Conditioning Unit

The final sign that may be indicative of residential AC compressor issues is puddles of fluid around the air conditioning unit. Puddles are typically related to drainage issues or compressor issues. If the fluid you notice is Freon or refrigerant, you are definitely dealing with a coolant leak, which may be caused by the compressor going bad. 

If you notice one or more of the signs listed above, the compressor in your residential air conditioning unit is most likely going bad. Residential AC services can inspect your unit and determine if the compressor needs to be replaced, or if your unit air conditioning unit needs to be replaced. Reach out to your preferred residential air conditioning company to schedule an appointment.