Keeping Your Home Cool during the Sweltering, Summer Months

3 Ways To Help Keep Your AC In Perfect Running Condition

by Anthony Graves

While home air conditioning systems can last for many years, they still need routine maintenance to do so without numerous costly repairs along the way. Keeping your AC well-maintained is the best way to avoid these problems and ensure that your utility bills don't balloon out of control. On the other hand, deferring maintenance can lead to downtime, high energy usage, and poor cooling performance. Scheduling an annual HVAC service with a qualified technician ensures your AC will remain in tip-top shape, but you can do plenty to help. Performing these three simple DIY tasks will help keep your AC ice-cold between your yearly maintenance and inspection visits.

Filter Changes

Changing your AC filter is one of the easiest and cheapest things you can do to avoid problems with your air conditioning system. In most cases, waiting until your annual service visit to change your filter means waiting far too long. You'll usually need to replace your filter about four times per year, but conditions in your home and your filter type can increase or decrease this. A clogged filter can lead to numerous issues with your AC system and can cause damage that leads to much more expensive components. If you don't know how to change your filter yourself, consider scheduling a routine service visit with an HVAC technician and ask them to show you how to do it. Learning this straightforward skill can save you a surprising amount of money and trouble in the future.

Condenser Cleaning

Condenser cleaning is another simple DIY task that will help maintain your system's efficiency and cooling performance. The fins on your condenser (the unit outside your home) will get dirty over time. These fins usually have enough protection that rain generally won't wash them clean, but they're still exposed enough to pick up dirt, mud, yard debris, and other gunk. If you notice your condenser coils getting dirty, you can usually easily remove the protective panels and wash them down with water. Use only house-pressure water (never use a power washer or high-intensity sprayer) and gently rinse them. Your service tech can handle this job during their annual visit if the coils need heavier cleaning.

General Cleaning

Tidiness goes a long way! One surprising way you can help your service tech out is by keeping the areas around both your outdoor (condenser) and indoor (evaporator) units clean. Keep boxes and other items away from the indoor unit so your technician can easily access it to inspect, clean, and perform maintenance. Likewise, keep several feet around your condenser unit clear of weeds and grass.

You can keep your unit well-maintained in between routine service units by taking these simple steps. When your technician does show up for their annual visit, they'll be able to perform their work quickly and efficiently so that you can get back to enjoying a comfortably cool home.

For more information, contact an AC contractor