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Questions To Ask Before Having An Old Furnace Repaired

by Anthony Graves

If your furnace is older, you may question whether it is worth having it repaired when it breaks down. You might consider just having it removed from your home and replaced with a new furnace instead. Is this the best approach? It really depends. Asking your furnace repair technician — and yourself — the following questions will help you decide. 

What is the cost of the repair?

Some repairs cost far more than others. A simpler repair, such as replacing a ball bearing or ignitor switch, might cost a few hundred dollars or less. A more extensive repair, such as replacing the entire blower motor, may cost thousands. Most HVAC contractors are happy to give customers an estimate for repairs before they start working. The less a repair will cost, the better off you generally are when choosing repairs over replacement.

Is there anything else wrong with the furnace?

In other words, is the current issue the only thing wrong with your furnace, or are there some other problems that should probably be addressed? If your furnace repair contractor can fix this one issue and your furnace will go on working for several years, then the repairs are often worth making. On the other hand, if your furnace repair tech will fix this problem and will then need to make several more repairs in the coming months, you might be better off opting for a replacement.

Can any of the work be covered under warranty?

Usually, an old furnace will no longer be covered under warranty, but it does not hurt to ask. If the furnace was purchased by a previous homeowner, they could have bought a transferable, extended warranty that's still in effect. Some furnace manufacturers also offer longer-than-average warranties. If the repairs are covered by a warranty, then it's almost always worth having the furnace fixed instead of replacing it.

Are there any deals to be had on new furnaces right now?

If there are any current deals on new furnaces, this could be a good time to say "no" to repairs and opt for a replacement instead. If you end up repairing the furnace and having to replace it later on, those same deals might not be available.

Talk to your HVAC contractor to learn more about the pros and cons of repairing an older furnace. Sometimes it is worth having this work done, and other times, you're better off accepting that your furnace has reached the end of its lifespan. Contact an HVAC contractor for more information.