Keeping Your Home Cool during the Sweltering, Summer Months

3 Things That Can Keep Your Electric Furnace From Warming Up Your House

by Anthony Graves

There are few things worse than being cold and miserable in your house because your furnace isn't working right. It's bad enough to contend with freezing weather outdoors, so you want your home to be a warm refuge. If your home is getting cold, call a furnace repair company for help. Here are three things that might cause your electric furnace to blow out air that isn't warm enough to cool your house.

1. A Dirty Furnace 

If you've neglected cleaning your furnace, there might be a lot of dust buildup on the filter and electric heating coils. The dust affects how well the furnace works. Normally, the dust is cleaned off when you get an annual tune-up, but if dust is allowed to accumulate, the coils may not be able to heat the air very well.

The furnace repair technician may put in a new filter and clean off the electric coils. While they're at it, they might clean the blower and make sure the rest of the furnace is clean inside. If dust was the problem, your furnace should start making warm air when it's turned back on.

2. A Bad Heating Coil

Your furnace creates heat with an electric heating coil. A furnace usually has multiple coils, so if one goes bad, the others may not be able to pick up the slack. When a heating coil in an electric furnace goes bad, the coil usually has to be replaced. Unless the coil is fairly new, the furnace repair technician might recommend replacing all the coils at the same time. That way, all the coils will be new and you won't have to worry about another coil going out anytime soon.

3. A Bad Contactor

A contactor is a part of your electric furnace that sends power to the coils so they turn on and heat the air. A heating repair contractor can tell if the contactor is bad by checking it with a multimeter. If it's bad, the part has to be replaced. A contactor is not too expensive, and it's fairly easy to replace. Putting in new coils or a new contactor are fairly common furnace repairs for an electric furnace.

An electric furnace isn't as complicated as a gas furnace, but there are still multiple things that can go wrong with it. Plus, your furnace repair technician has to consider if the thermostat could be to blame too. When your house is cold and you can't figure out what the problem is with your thermostat settings or your furnace, call a repair company for assistance before your house gets too cold and takes a long time to warm up.