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Boiler Getting Older? 2 Problems It May Have Soon

by Anthony Graves

If you have a boiler and it is getting older, you need to know about some problems it may have soon. This will allow you to get the boiler repaired faster, which may result in you saving a lot of money. Below is some information about two of these problems so you will know to contact a boiler repair company to have it repaired.

Boiler Is Leaking

If you see that your boiler is leaking, this is generally caused by a bad pump seal or pressure valve. If you see the leak is coming from the pressure relief valve, the pressure may be set too high for the boiler. How you change the pressure will depend on the type of boiler you have. Refer to the owner's manual or let a repair service do this for you.  

The pump seal is located inside the pump. It can be removed and replaced easily if you know what you are doing. If not, a repair service can quickly do this for you. This would likely be an inexpensive repair. 

If you see water leaking around the pipes, the pipes are likely corroded and will have to be replaced soon. This must be done by a professional to ensure the right pipes are chosen and that they are installed correctly. The leak can also be caused by an internal component, which is a more serious problem.  

No Hot Water

If you have no hot water in your home, this can be caused by many things. The valves inside the boiler may not be working, or there may be a broken airlock or a broken thermostat. If so, the airlock or thermostat can be replaced.

This problem can also be caused if the pressure is set too high on the boiler. Check the pressure gauge to ensure it is set to the manufacturer's specifications. If the pressure is set correctly, a boiler repair contractor may repressurize the boiler. 

If your water is still not hot, it can be due to something much more serious. For example, the motor valve inside the boiler may be having problems, or the diaphragm may not be working properly. These two things can be expensive to repair or replace, so it may be time for a new boiler. 

There are many more problems your boiler could have, which the repair contractor can tell you about. If you decide to replace the boiler with a new one, the contractor can suggest the best type for your home.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for a boiler repair service near you.