Keeping Your Home Cool during the Sweltering, Summer Months

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Upgrading An AC

by Anthony Graves

Last summer, you started to have doubts about your AC unit. It didn't seem to keep your home adequately cold and it might have made a very loud sound while in operation. While you might be able to repair your AC unit, it might also be time to get an upgrade. There are several questions you should ask yourself.

How Old is Your AC?

If you have had your AC for a very long time, there might be no reason to keep it for much longer. For example, if you have had your AC for 10 years, it might make sense to upgrade to a new AC. You should replace any AC unit that is older than 15 years. Your AC might not cool your home as well as it used to as years pass.

Your AC might not have ever cooled your home as much as you wanted it to. An AC needs to be properly sized so that it can adequately and efficiently cool a property. As a result, you may have never felt comfortable enough in your home. If the AC in your home was never properly sized, it might wear out early and you would be better off upgrading your AC immediately.

When Was the Last Time You Repaired Your AC?

If you find yourself repairing your AC often, this can be a sign that you might need to have the unit replaced. Frequent repairs are a sign that the AC unit is failing. Also, frequent repairs can become a wasteful expense when you could simply purchase a new AC unit. You also don't want your AC to fail during the hottest day of summer next year.

Are Your Energy Bills High?

Another way you can lose money by not upgrading your AC is through energy costs. An AC unit uses more electricity than any other appliance in the home. However, if your AC is not in good condition, it will cause a spike in energy bills as it struggles to cool your home.

Also, the newer AC units are generally more energy-efficient. If you're not sure, calculate how much you are paying a year in your energy bills and compare it to the cost of a new AC unit. Fortunately, if you're not certain whether you should upgrade your AC, an HVAC contractor can visit your home and inform you about the AC units that are available and whether you would benefit from an upgrade.

For more information on AC units, contact a professional near you.