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Installing A Sump Pump? Things You Need To Think About Before You Choose

by Anthony Graves

If you've been struggling with water issues in your basement, a sump pump is often the best investment to address the problem. Whether you already have a sump pump that just needs to be replaced or you're looking to add a sump pump to your basement for the first time, choosing the right pump for your application takes a little bit of consideration. You'll want to talk with your sump pump installation contractor about the most important factors that affect your sump pump selection. Here's a look at a few of the things that you should think about.

Do You Already Have A Sump Pump?

If you already have a sump pump in your basement that has failed due to age or malfunction, that's the first place to start when choosing your new one. If the existing sump pump has worked well for your needs up to now and keeps up with the water flow effectively, you can typically just replace the existing pump with one that's rated the same. 

There should be an identification plate on the pump that will detail the horsepower, flow rate, and other details of the pump so that you know what to look for in your new model. However, if the existing sump pump isn't meeting your needs the way you'd like to see, talk with your installation contractor about what you deem to be its shortcomings. That way, he or she can help you determine what should be different about your new pump to account for that issue.

What Obstacles Are There For The Water Flow?

Another important consideration, especially when choosing a whole new sump pump, is any obstacles that could affect the water flow. For example, you'll need to assess the vertical lift that's required from your pump. That means evaluating the distance from the pump to the evacuation point of the hose. How much elevation is there? Are you draining the sump pump out a window that's six feet above the sump pit? If so, you'll want to be sure that your sump pump model has sufficient horsepower and vertical lift ratings to account for this.

You'll also want to think about the drainage path itself. Are there any sharp elbows in the drainage pipe? How long is the pipe itself? The further the water has to flow and the more obstacles there are in its path, the stronger your sump pump will need to be to overcome those obstacles.

These are two of the most important things to think about if you're installing a sump pump in your home. Talk with your sump pump installation contractor today for more help.