Keeping Your Home Cool during the Sweltering, Summer Months

Problems Your AC System Can Experience

by Anthony Graves

Encountering problems with your home's air conditioning system can be an issue that calls for immediate repairs. Otherwise, you may find that your home can become uncomfortable due to the temperature getting too hot. During the summer months, the interior may even be an unbearable place to be during the hotter days. Being prepared for the various problems that these systems can experience will start with having an awareness of some of these issues, and let you know when you need air conditioning repair.

Ice Formations

Ice forming on the air conditioner is a common occurrence that will arise when the system's coils are allowed to become dirty. The dirt can trap condensation, which will freeze and start the cycle of the ice growing in size. Running an air conditioning system that is suffering from this problem can create extensive damage. Turning off the system until the ice melts and the unit can be serviced by a professional repair service is the most sensible action to take.

Foul Smells

You may eventually notice that your air conditioning system is producing foul odors when it is running. The development of mold, fungi, or decaying substances can be a factor that causes the system to fill the home with unpleasant smells. Addressing this issue can require the entire interior of the air conditioning system to be thoroughly cleaned, which may involve taking the system apart so that the interior can be thoroughly cleaned. Depending on the source of the odors, you may need to have the system cleaned to prevent them from spreading to the home's interior. This is particularly true when the issue is due to mold and fungi, as these substances can spread spores throughout the interior. A repair service can look for the source of the smell and eliminate it.

Intense Vibrations

The air conditioning system will be fairly loud when it is running. However, there can be times when the unit may be making far more noise than normal. In particular, you may notice that the system is producing intense vibrations. These vibrations can be extremely distracting for life in the home, and they can even contribute to the system suffering more serious malfunctions. If your unit is starting to experience intense vibrations while it is running, this is a sign that it should be professionally serviced as soon as possible. The vibrations could have caused some of the interior components of the system to loosen, which can lead to further performance problems. Repairs can fix these components and restore your AC's fuction.