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Signs That Homeowners Need Prompt Plumbing Repair

by Anthony Graves

When homeowners need plumbing repair service for the first time, they may be surprised to discover that some heating and cooling contractors include at least one plumber on the team. That makes the company a convenient choice for all services related to the home's plumbing, heating system, and central air conditioner. Some plumbing issues that develop can be ignored for a while, but others should be resolved promptly even if they don't seem like an emergency.

Sluggish Drains

Plumbers caution against using harsh chemicals in the attempt to dissolve drain clogs. Clog-busting products are available in stores, but they are hard on pipes and usually leave some of the blockage in place. That means you'll need to use the products repeatedly, sending toxic fumes into the home.

If a drain is sluggish, the household residents could try breaking up the clog with a blend of vinegar and baking soda. Sink drain plungers also can send the problem material down or bring it up with pressure. If these techniques don't work, calling a plumber should be the next step. Otherwise, the clog just gets progressively worse until the drain stops working altogether.

Wet Floor Drain

A small amount of water and suds by the floor drain in the home's laundry area might not seem alarming. However, this indicates that washing machine drain water couldn't travel down the sewer pipe at its normal speed. Something is blocking the pipe. To prevent the unpleasant occurrence of a backup, the homeowners should call a plumber to clear away the blockage.

Usually, this problem is caused by tree roots growing into loose pipe joints or tiny cracks. Toilet paper and other materials flushed down the toilet get snagged by those roots and become stuck there. The plumber uses a specialized tool to chop up the invading roots so they can be washed away. If backups begin to occur every year or more often, scheduling a standing maintenance appointment for this work is advisable.

A Hidden Leak

If the water bill is abnormally high for no apparent reason, there could be a small leak in the pipe system. The hidden leak might be behind a wall, making it difficult to hear. Left unattended, the dripping water could cause significant damage.

Choosing a Company

For the convenience of all-around assistance for plumbing, heating and cooling, homeowners can choose one company that offers these services. The contractors provide skilled work in maintenance, repair, replacement and new installation. Look for a local plumbing contractor to help you.