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4 Things That Could Be Wrong With A Furnace

by Anthony Graves

Has your furnace stopped producing heat, and now your home is uncomfortably cold? If so, it will help to know what could be causing the problem so you can get to the bottom of what's wrong.

Faulty Igniter

Your furnace's igniter will get hot and glow a bright orange color before it ignites the burner. If the igniter is not working, it will not turn on the furnace. Thankfully, there are two ways to check this part to make sure it is working. Try taking out the igniter and take a look at the current condition that it is in. If the igniter is cracked, then it will not be able to operate and needs replacement. The part can also be inspected with a multimeter, which will help determine if electricity is flowing through the party.

Faulty Flame Sensor

The job of the flame sensor is to determine if a flame is present, and if not, it shuts off the gas going to the furnace as a safety precaution. If the flame sensor is not working properly, the control board will turn off the voltage to the gas valve and stop the furnace from turning on. The flame sensor can be troubleshot by cleaning it since there may be soot on the part that prevents it from detecting a flame. Try cleaning off the flame sensor and seeing if the furnace works normally again.

Faulty Draft Inducer Motor

The draft inducer motor has the job of bringing air into the heat exchanger, which then travels out through the flue. If this part is not working properly, the airflow will not be maintained at the proper levels, which will cause the furnace to stall out when igniting. The motor may need to be repaired so that it can operate at the proper speeds to get the right amount of air flowing through the system. 

Air Blockages

Airflow is so important when it comes to the operation of your furnace, which is why there are several places where blockages can cause the system to work improperly or shut down. A common place where air blockages can happen is with the air filter, which can easily be forgotten about and have blockages due to having too much debris stuck in it. You can also have a blockage in the flue, which is preventing the air brought in from the draft inducer motor from leaving the system. 

Reach out to a professional who provides furnace repair services to see what's wrong with your system.