Keeping Your Home Cool during the Sweltering, Summer Months

Air Conditioning Improvements That Will Get Your Home Ready for Energy Savings This Summer

by Anthony Graves

If you are tired of skyrocketing energy costs, upgrading your AC could be an investment that you want to consider. Today, air conditioning improvements can be a lot more than just replacing the unit. There are more options for energy-efficient upgrades than ever before. Therefore, you want to know what the best investments will be for your home. The following air conditioning improvements will get your home ready for summer:

Protect the Condensing Unit With an Enclosure

The condensing unit is one of the first areas where you may want to consider improvements. Building an enclosure to protect the condensing unit or heat pump will help reduce wear and damage. Some things to consider when building an enclosure for the AC unit include:

  • Leave open areas for ventilation
  • Use attractive fencing or landscaping materials
  • Build a roof to protect the unit from debris

The AC enclosure will help prevent damage to your system. If you have a heat pump system that also provides heating in winter, the enclosure will improve performance by protecting it from the cold outdoor air.

Update Vents and Ductwork Design for Improved Efficiency

The vents and ductwork of your HVAC system are other areas to consider upgrades for your air conditioning. Upgrades that can be done to your AC vents and ductwork include:

  • Install automated dampers of your system
  • Upgrade your home with intelligent smart vents
  • Shorten duct lengths to reduce air leaks and energy loss
  • Upgrade ductwork insulation to stop the thermal transfer

The improvements to your AC ductwork and vents will help reduce energy loss during the summer weather.

Upgrading Electrical Panels and AC Thermostat Controls

The electrical wiring and thermostat controls can also be updated to improve the efficiency of your system. Some of the options to consider for these thermostat and electrical upgrades include:

  • Upgrade the AC with a dedicated electrical circuit
  • Install a separate electrical main shutoff for the AC unit
  • Upgrade HVAC controls with modern smart thermostats

The electrical wiring improvements will help ensure your AC is reliable this summer. In addition, better controls will help improve the efficiency and reliability of your system.

Updating the System With Renewable Energy

There are also options to add renewable energy that can be integrated into the design. Solar panels can power components like the blower motor or auxiliary duct fans. There are also options for more efficient solar-ready systems. They can easily be connected to solar panels or other renewable energy resources like wind turbines.

The right energy improvements for your AC will help cut your cooling costs before summer arrives. Contact an air conditioning service and ask them about these upgrades.