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Have Water Problems Around Your Air Conditioner? What To Do Now

by Anthony Graves

If you can see water dripping off the air conditioner and it isn't running as well as it usually does, there is a chance that there are condensation problems. Call an AC repair professional to come examine the unit and to diagnose why it's dripping.

You don't want to risk the unit getting damaged beyond repair or having a mechanical issue because the problem was ignored. Here are the probable culprits for the dripping and water problems.

Condensation Problems

There are many indications that there are condensation problems within the air conditioning unit. If you can see there is mold and mildew growing on the exterior and spots and problems on the fan or any visible internal components, this indicates there are condensation problems. Other indications include the following:

  • Gnats in the air conditioning unit
  • Electrical complications
  • Water and leaks puddling at the bottom
  • Loud fan noises inside the unit
  • Rusting on the unit

Condensation problems need to be addressed right away, so call an air conditioning service professional to look at your system right away.

Refrigerant Leak

If there is a refrigerant leak and the internal comments of the unit froze and then it all melted in the heat after the unit stopped running, this could have caused the leaking. The tank will need to be repaired and then the refrigerant refilled. The moisture damage will have to be evaluated as well.


An overheating unit that has high temperatures inside around the refrigerant container and cooling components will cause water droplets. These will drip and can cause mold and mildew. If you have bad mechanical parts that are overheating, you'll want to get these replaced or repaired right away.

The heating and cooling service professional will be able to see why there is condensation and then do the necessary repairs and tune up the unit. There are many components that you have to maintain over time while you have the air conditioning unit.

If the AC repair professional tells you it's time to upgrade your unit and that it should be replaced, get an estimate and look at the different new models that are available. You will want to have the ducts cleaned out because there could be mold and mildew spores. Cleaning out your ventilation will help to improve the air quality.

Don't ignore condensation problems around the air conditioning unit. Instead, call an AC repair expert right away.