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The Heat Pump Troubleshooting Guide To Get Your AC Repaired Quickly

by Anthony Graves

Today, heat pump AC systems are common in many homes. They can also fail like other air conditioning systems and will require repairs. Therefore, you must know how to troubleshoot some of the common problems with your heat pump.

Sometimes, heat pump problems can be something that is pretty simple. The problem with your AC may be something as simple as an electrical breaker that has been tripped. It could also be problems that require professional help. The following heat pump troubleshooting guide will help you get your AC back on quickly:

  • Check the Electrical and Thermostat—The first area where you will want to look for issues is the electrical system. Check the breaker and main switch of the heat pump to ensure it has been turned on. If you have a persistent problem with the heat pump tripping the breaker every time the AC comes on, contact a repair service for help fixing the problem. Also, check the thermostat to make sure the settings are correct for your heat pump to turn on with the AC.
  • Change or Clean All the Filters—The filters of a heat pump could be the cause of issues. It is an essential part of routine maintenance to change the air filter. Changing the filters of a heat pump AC system is something that you will need to do frequently. If there is a problem with air not circulating or your home not getting cool, check to make sure all the filters have been changed.
  • Check Heating Elements for Problems—The heating elements of a heat pump are what absorb the heat drawn from your home. If the heating element of your heat pump goes out, it will not cool your home. Some modern heat pumps have an auxiliary heating element, which can also cause problems if it fails. Check to make sure the heating element is working, and call for help with repairs if it needs to be replaced.
  • Make Sure the Unit and Coils are Clean—Your AC heat pump also has coils, which can get dirty and cause problems during hot weather. Therefore, you may need to clean the heat pump unit. Turn the AC off, and then clean the coils and unit if they are dirty to solve problems with your AC performing poorly and not cooling your home effectively.

Check things when troubleshooting problems with your heat pump to get the AC back on quickly. When you are having trouble with your AC not cooling your home, contact a heat pump repair service and tell them about these problems.