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4 Residential Heating Maintenance Tips For Radiant Heating Systems With Alternative Energy Designs

by Anthony Graves

If you wanted to improve the energy efficiency of the heating system in your home, you may have used features like solar collectors, geothermal exchangers or biomass when you updated your system. While these systems can do a lot to reduce energy costs, they have some unique maintenance needs. Here are some residential heating maintenance tips for radiant heating systems that use these alternative energy designs:

1. Bleeding Air from The Radiators and Lines of Your Heating System

One of the first things that you will want to do to prepare radiant heating for winter is bleeding the air out of the system. This is something that should be done with most hydronic radiant heating systems that use water or liquid to provide thermal energy to heat your home. This process is done by turning the system on and opening bleeder valves to let air out until there is no more air, and only water or liquid comes out of the valves.

2 Cleaning Solar Collectors Used for Thermal Energy of Radiant Heating Systems

Solar collectors are a great solution to provide boilers and radiant heating systems with thermal energy. During the winter months, you will want to make sure that the collectors are clean to maximize the energy benefits for radiant heating systems. In addition, you will want to flush the system and prepare it for winter during the late fall.

3. Preparing Biomass Boilers for Cold Weather and Use of Radiant Heating Systems

Biomass boilers can be some of the most cost-effective systems for radiant heating. This is due to them being low-cost to operate and efficient. With biomass systems, there are also unique maintenance needs that are required throughout the winter months. You will want to prepare your system for winter by cleaning it, and check fuel materials for winter months. Routine maintenance will need to be carried out more frequently throughout the winter months when you are using radiant heating.

4. Servicing Geothermal Systems and Preparing for The Use Of Radiant Heating Systems

If your radiant heating system uses a geothermal exchange to reduce energy consumption, then it is also going to need servicing before the winter months. You may need to change lines and adjust the system for heating needs, as well as flush the pipe loops and clean the system in preparation for the winter months.

These are some residential heating maintenance tips for homes that use these alternative energy solutions with radiant heating. If you need help with upgrades, maintenance or repairs for your radiant heating system, contact a residential heating maintenance service to ensure your system is prepared for the cold weather.