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Duct Work And Your Residential AC System: What You Need To Know

by Anthony Graves

If you have a residential AC system or HVAC, you have a system of ducts and vents installed behind your walls. However, while most homeowners know they are there, they don't fully comprehend why they are there, what they do and the importance of having them inspected and cleaned. Here is everything that you should know about duct work and your residential AC system. 

What Your Ducts Do

After your air conditioning unit or HVAC heats or cools air, the fans in the unit blow the air into the ducts. The ducts are then a tunnel system through which the heated or cooled air travels until it reaches vents in your home. When it reaches the vents, the air escapes through these vents, heating or cooling your home. Without the ducts to hold air in, air would not reach your home. 

Why Your Ducts Should Be Inspected

Over time, your ducts can begin to rust, split at the seams or can get holes in them. If any of these conditions exist, air that is supposed to travel through the ducts can seep out. In turn, your air conditioning or HVAC system has to produce more air to cool your home due to the leak. This increases your energy bill while also putting more strain on your air conditioning or heating unit. Having routine inspections helps to catch these problems so they can be repaired, helping to decrease your energy usage and the amount of time your heating or cooling unit has to run. 

The Importance of Routinely Cleaning the Ducts

When your ducts are inspected, they should also be cleaned at the same time. Air that travels through your air conditioning or HVAC unit passes through a filter. But a filter cannot remove all of the dirt, dust and dander. Some of this debris enters the ducts, where it can sit. This weighs on the ducts, which can lead to tearing or splitting at the seams. It also can cause the air quality in your home to be poor, as the traveling air can kick this dirt and dust up and blow it into your home. Cleaning removes all of the residue and debris from your ducts. 

Your duct work plays an important role in delivering heated or cooled air from your air conditioner or HVAC into your home. Understanding more about it can help you understand its importance and why you should have your ducts routinely inspected and cleaned. If it has been three to five years since your last duct inspection and cleaning, now is the time to schedule another. Contact your heating and cooling contractor to make an appointment today.