Keeping Your Home Cool during the Sweltering, Summer Months

Uneven Heat In Your House? 3 Things You Can Do

by Anthony Graves

Do you feel like the rooms in your house are a different temperature when the furnace is turned on? Uneven heating can definitely make a home not feel very comfortable. Know that there are some things you could do to improve how it feels throughout your home.

Replace Bad Ductwork

Does your home have an addition that always feels colder than the rest of the home? It could be due to the way the ductwork was extended to the new addition. Air needs to flow through ductwork that curves to reach each room, and haphazardly adding a branch into existing ductwork could mean that airflow is diminished to the new room.

Consider having an HVAC contractor come in and fix the ductwork so that it uses curves with new metal ductwork, rather than branches with flexible tubes. You'll definitely see better airflow to these rooms, making your home feel more comfortable in the end.

Clean The Vents

There may be physical blockages in your vents that are not allowing the air to properly flow throughout your home. This can be fixed by having your ductwork professionally cleaned. You may be surprised at what has been collecting in your vents after years of neglect.

In addition, pay attention to how furniture is blocking the air vents and returns in your home. It may involve rearranging some furniture in the winter so that you are feeling more heat in the spaces where you spend the most time during the day.

Add More Insulation

Do you have a second floor in your home that suffers the most from uneven heating? You could be losing that heat due to a lack of insulation in your attic. Insulation is what helps prevent heat transfer between the inside and outside of your home, which causes those drafts that allow the heat to escape. It could also create a similar effect in the summer where the second floor feels hotter with the air conditioning on.

The simple solution is to add more insulation to the attic to prevent heat from seeping out of your home. This is something you can even do on your own by purchasing insulation from your local home improvement store.

If you feel that the uneven heat is due to a problem with the furnace itself, contact a local HVAC service, such as Logan A/C & Heat Services Inc., to check it out. They can perform an inspection and repair and damaged parts that they find.