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Bathroom Rejuventation On A Budget

by Anthony Graves

Your best friends when it comes to redecorating on a budget are the dollar store, found materials, and budget-chic retail stores.  You would be surprised at how well a new shade of paint or a few key elements can turn a bathroom around.


Whether you've succumbed to the winter blues or spring has sprung, floral patterns can really brighten up a bathroom.  Sometimes a new shower curtain and rug can make all of the difference.  Go for a strong floral look or keep it simple and focus your floral energies elsewhere.  

If you're working with found materials, dry your own flowers.  You can tie them to strings and hang them from the wall.  To really amp up your look you can cover the whole wall in flowers.  One options is to glue your flowers to a sheet and hang it on the wall.  This can be a great way to hide your plumbing, and it also gives you the option of easily removing the sheet to change up your look.  If your bathroom tends to get humid, dried flowers might not hold up well.  In that case, check out the dollar store for a huge variety of fake flowers.

If you chose a floral pattern for the shower curtain, maybe pick some white flowers to keep it simple. 


Nothing wakes up a room faster than a bolt of metallic energy.  Use metallics to paint the plant pots and toothbrush holder in various shades.  It's more fun if you don't match!  

If you're in need of bathroom storage (who isn't?) check out local sales ads for people selling their used furniture.  Regardless of the condition that it's in, cover it in copper or silver paint and it will be brand new.  You can even wrap it in thick twine before painting to create more texture.  

For a bold look, spray paint your shower curtain gold or do the same to a sheet and hang it behind your toilet to cover the plumbing.


Glass in the bathroom is a little bit more expensive, but it is a way to inject elegance into the room.  It also adds functionality.  You might find that glass shower enclosures actually save you money on maintenance over bathtubs or even moldy shower curtains.

Or: Go for Function

How about undertaking a bathroom remodel and making it work better? You have the option of calling a plumbing or heating specialist for your bathroom remodel, as well, and you will be surprised at how much value you can get out of a warm, well-ventilated bathroom with fixtures that don't leak.