Keeping Your Home Cool during the Sweltering, Summer Months

Consider A Geothermal System

by Anthony Graves

There are many possible ways to heat and cool your home. There is always electricity which is mostly produced by coal. One of the main problems with coal is that it lets of a great deal of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. That carbon dioxide is one of the main concerns in the heated debates behind global warming. Whether you believe in global warming or not, it is important to reduce pollution. Another way to heat a home is through natural gas. Now, natural gas is much cleaner than coal, but it still emits carbon dioxide. While there is no way to replace hydrocarbon, it is possible to reduce the use of hydrocarbon. One way to help reduce the emissions is to use a geothermal system. 

How It Works

It does not matter where you live, the temperature in the ground is in the mid 50's. This temperature is the same during the summer and the winter months. To use the temperature in the earth, there are a series of pipes that are put into the ground where water and antifreeze, which is environmentally safe, is pumped through these pipes in the ground. This causes a heat transfer and the fluid is either heated or cooled. The solution then passes through a unit in your home which compresses the solution to a much higher temperature and uses that hot liquid to heat the air in your home. The same method is used to cool the air in your home.


Since not all the heated liquid is going to be used for the air conditioning, you will be able to use the excess water and antifreeze mixture to heat the water that is in your home. The hot water is perfect for all your hot water needs. Often there is not quite enough water and antifreeze mixture for all of you hot water needs, but it definitely is able to help in regards of your bill.


As discussed before there are many environmental benefits to using a geothermal heating and cooling system. Another benefit that everyone gets excited about is that the geothermal system can greatly reduce your utility bills. You are not going to be paying as much for gas or electricity, and the fluid is passed through the ground which is free. Other than saving money you might notice that the system is considerably less noisy than other systems as well. 

Talk to a geothermal contractor, like Ragan Mechanical Inc, for more help.