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Five Easy Ways To Preserve The Life Of Your Heating System

by Anthony Graves

Your home's heating system is one of the most expensive components in your entire home. The average furnace in the United States costs more than $4,000 including installation. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to help your heating system last as long as possible.

1. Don't forget that annual HVAC service call. Make sure to have your local HVAC technician come out and service your heating system before the cold winter season begins. During this call, he or she will thoroughly clean your furnace, make sure that all of the mechanical parts are well lubricated, check the power supply and the venting system, and check for any potential problems. Simply having your system cleaned can make a big difference. A dust and dirt-clogged furnace is one of the major reasons that heating systems fail prematurely.

2. Replace your filter regularly. Another way you can keep your furnace running smoothly is to replace the filter every month during the cold weather season. For just a few dollars, you can help get rid of excess dust and dirt that's circulating through your heating system.

3. Repair any leaks or holes in your ductwork. Inefficient ducts make your heating system have to work harder, thus costing you more in energy and shortening the lifespan of your furnace. Make a habit of regularly checking your ducts for holes and to make sure that they are still connected properly. You'll also stay warmer throughout the season.

4. Open your registers. While it may seem logical to close certain registers in an attempt to save on your heating bills, this can actually be counter-productive. Your heating system, if installed properly, is designed to balance the air flow and maximize efficiency. When your registers are closed, your system still tries to push air through those ducts and vents, making the system work harder than was intended.

5. Invest in a programmable thermostat. Another easy way to ease the burden on your heating system while still keeping you and your family comfortable. For less than $200 for the average thermostat, you can automatically turn down the heat while you are at work or asleep.

While no heating system is going to last forever, you can get the most use out of your system by remembering to schedule that annual HVAC service call, replacing your furnace filter regularly during the cold weather season, and installing a programmable thermostat.